Spinning machine

Nihon Spindle SR150-T4

Blank tube shall be spun by rollers rotating along the tube perimeter. Compared with the conventional process (press and welding), this spinning process enables big reduction of welding process and the production cost.

Main Characteristics

  • As this process does not need dies inside the tube, it is possible to spin the tube withbrick inside.
  • During the process, tube clamp section will not be applied with any centrifugal force as the tube does not rotate.
  • Because it is not necessary to stop thw spindle when a tube is loaded, it makes possible to reduce the cycle time compared with work rotation method.
  • A wide range of options are available to meet a variety of customer needs.

Technical Data

Number of Axis 5
Axis Control CNC
Appications Exhaust muffler, Catalytic case
Max. Blank O.D. φ190㎜
Blank Thickness 1-2mm
Length of product 150-600mm
Length of Spinning (after processing) MAX. 150mm
Material SUS409, SUS429, SUS436 etc.
MAX. Eccentric amount 35mm
MAX. ablique angle 45°
Main Spindle rpm MAX. 550 r.p.m
Roller Unit  Thrust X-Axis: 10kN, Z-Axis: 20.5kN
Roller Unit Stroke X-Axis: 100mm, Z-Axis: 275mm
Main Spindle Motor 18.5kW

End products

  • Concentric tubes
  • Components for catalytic converters
  • Exhaust parts

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