Flow Forming Machine

Leifeld ST 4RS Series

This LEIFELD ST Series with 4 rollers is specially designed for very heavy flow forming processes. Due to extremely strong construction of machine frame, and due to enormous forming forces and spindle torque, it is one of the strongest and most powerful flow-forming machines worldwide.

The machine is equipped with four very powerful radial units, which can be off-set axially to each other. This special feature allows highest flexibility and boundless opportunities in flow forming. An axial off-set to zero-line allows fastest forming feedrates. An axial off-set 4 times different allows highest accuracy and perfect surface qualities combined with high reduction rates.

To find the optimum programming for each workpiece a digital, graphical force measuring system is provided to check and evaluate the forming force distribution of all forming axes.


Main Characteristics

  • Extremely sturdy and torsion-resistant frame construction
  • Highest flexibility in the production of lengths, external diameters, wall thicknesses and reduction
  • Highest accuracy and perfect surface qualities combined with high reduction rates
  • Perfect centricity and a perfect run-out at high feedrates
  • Very durable machine design


Technical Data

ST 500 H 2100 4RS
ST 650 H 3100 4RS
ST 650 H 6200 4RS
Workpiece-Ø, min. 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Workpiece-Ø, max. 500 mm 650 mm 110 mm
Workpiece length, max. when      
- Forward flow forming, approx. 2,000 mm 3,000 mm 6,000 mm
- Reverse flow forming, approx. 4,000 mm 6,000 mm 12,000 mm
Distance between centres, min. approx. 2,841 mm 3,200 mm 2,250 mm
Distance between centres, max. approx. 7,011 mm 6,350 mm 10,250 mm

End products

  • High-precision pipes
  • Drill
  • Housings
  • Cylinders

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