Flow Forming Center

Leifeld FFC 400/6

The vertical spin forming Center LEIFELD FFC 400/6 is a flexible machine for chipless forming of hollow bodies with different forming operations in a single setup. Unlike the other machines that have been offered on the market, the FFC 400/6 is flexible with 3 radial axes and 3 axial axis. The FFC 400/6 is optionally expanded by a flow-forming unit with a radial and axial axis to 8 axes. When FFC 400/6 axes are independently programmable, the flow-forming center can thus be tailored to customer needs.

The design of the center optionally allows the combination of forming operations as splitting and profiling with spinning and flow forming via cylindrical, tapered, rounded and geared mandrels in one setting.


Main Characteristics

  • Low space requirements and good accessibility thanks to compact and ergonomic design
  • Flexibility in equipment options, performance parameters and machine charging/ discharging
  • Flexible combination of different processes, including flow forming, splitting, tooth profiling and hub preforming
  • Patented machine concept
  • Production of parts with enhanced strength and hardness, optimized weight, and high material utilisation
  • Production of extremely thin-walled internal and external teeth, complex geometries within very narrow tolerances, precise circularity, and perfectly concentric rotation

Technical Data

Outside diameter min. 50 mm
Outside diameter max. 400 mm
Blank diameter max. approx. 440 mm
Workpiece length clutch housings approx. max. 200 mm
Workpiece length double clutch housings approx. max. 320 mm
Workpiece length clutch housings optional approx. max. 360 mm
Inner and outer profiles simultaneously max. 60 mm

End products

  • multi-splined clutch housings
  • coupling housing with external teeth
  • double clutch housings
  • gear box housings

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