Automatic Flag Pole Machine

Leifeld AFPM Series

The high performance flow forming machine AFPM 280 H 9600 is stable, flexible, efficient and user-friendly. Its solid construction enables a production of rotational symmetry hollow bodies with varying wall thicknesses and diameters, at high forming velocities.

The main machine components and assemblies are mounted on a rigid and warp resistant, welded machine bed. Due to the progressive and forward-looking technology of the machine, a highly material-effective and cost-saving production of aluminium street- and flag poles is ensured. In addition, the AFPM 280 H 9600 will convince by short retooling times, low tooling costs, and easy maintenance works.

Processed are extruded aluminum poles. Concerning the aluminum poles, chamber molded tubes are used, which are characterized by homogeneous chamber seams and uniform wall thickness.


Main Characteristics

  • High-performance machine in extremely stress-resistant construction
  • Main machine on rigid, torsion-resistant, welded machine bed
  • Automatic integrated loading and unloading in conjunction with the machine
  • Very fast tool changing possible; low tool costs
  • Integrated product input screen for rapid programming
  • Production of conically or cylindrically graded concave or convex geometries
  • Reduced material input achievable by influencing wall thicknesses
  • Requires neither heat treatment nor welding together of individual parts
  • Cold hardening in material

Technical Data

Raw part diameter, min. - max. 120 - 280 mm
Produced diameter, min. - max. 60 - 280 mm
Workpiece diameter reduction, max. for Al 6061 260 - 76 mm
Workpiece diameter reduction, max. for St 37-0 220 - 95 mm
Workpiece wall thickness, Aluminium (6060/6061), min. - max. 3 - 6 mm
Workpiece wall thickness, Mid Steel, min. - max. 3 - 5 mm
Wall thickness reduction, max. 25 %

End products

  • street light poles
  • flag poles
  • masts

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